RV Rental Questions

Q: I have a relative from Germany who wants an RV rental in Anchorage. Do you have any translated pages they could read?

A: Yes, we do! We recently added a new page in German with information about our services.


Q: I am researching locations around Anchorage for my upcoming trip. What are some local attractions you would suggest to visit?

A: Great question! There are so many beautiful places you can visit. I would suggest seeing Lake Hood, Alaska Botanical Gardens, and the Musk Ox Farm.


Q: What are some of the advantages to getting an RV rental in Alaska for our family vacation?

A: Getting a motorhome from Amazing Accommodations Alaska for your vacation has several advantages. First, it will save you money because you won’t have to stay at expensive hotels every night. Additionally, RVs are convenient because you don’t have to continually lug your things in and out of hotels every night. Contact us and we will be happy to talk with you about other advantages!


Q: How many people can stay in one of your motorhomes?

A: Our largest RV will sleep five people comfortably so that you can explore Anchorage and Alaska with your family.


Q: What accessories will come with my motorhome rental?

A: We will stock your RV with the small things that make packing and traveling so much more convenient, including bedding (sheets, towels, blankets, and pillows) and a kitchen package (pots, pans, silverware, dishes, and utensils).


Q: I’m coming to Alaska this year with my family and would like to rent a motorhome. What kind of motorhome do you offer?

A: We offer 24’ Class C motorhomes. Each rental includes bedding (blankets, pillows, towels, and linens) and a kitchen package (dishes, utensils, pots, pans, and silverware) to make your trip more convenient.


Q: Our family is coming to the Anchorage, Alaska area to visit and hike through Hatcher Pass and tour the Independence Gold Mine. We are thinking about renting an RV…can you provide a quote for our trip?

A: Yes, we offer RV rentals that are perfect for touring the many attractions in Alaska. Before providing a quote, we’ll need to know how many people will be in the RV rental and for how many days and nights you will need to rent the motorhome.


Q: I am interested in any discounts and specials you may have. What specials do you currently offer for RV rentals?

A: We offer a variety of specials. The specials change each year, so frequent our website to find the most recent offer!


Q: I already reserved an RV rental from Amazing Accommodations Alaska. Some family members are coming to Alaska, but don’t want to travel around as much. Do you know of any accommodations they might be interested in staying?

A: Yes, we provide cabin rentals and a bed and breakfast for travelers that don’t wish to stay in a RV rental.


Q: I reserved two RVs for my family reunion in July. We are all getting excited and I wanted to know if there are any places you recommend visiting on our trip?

A: There are a ton of fun places to visit in Alaska! We recommend the Native Heritage Center, Anchorage Coastal Trail, or Hatcher Pass Hiking. All these adventures are within an hour from Wasilla, AK. Contact us for more ideas — we’re always happy to put our knowledge of Alaska, gained from over two decades of Alaskan living, to work.

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