What Should You Pack for an RV Trip Through Alaska?

If you’re planning an RV trip through Alaska, you want to be as prepared as possible while traveling or hiking through the Alaskan countryside. Whether you’re walking mountain trails, fishing along rivers, or taking in some of the amazing scenery, you’ll want to follow these packing recommendations from Amazing Accommodations Alaska. These items will keep you warm, dry, and protected from the outdoor elements so you can enjoy a fun, relaxing trip through Alaska.

What Should You Pack for an RV Trip Through Alaska?

Rain Gear

It’s always a good idea to pack a rain jacket or a rain shell for those wet, rainy days. As a bonus, a rain jacket will also protect against annoying bugs as well as the cold wind. 

Thermal Long Johns

For cold, damp days, a pair of thermal long johns will be perfect for keeping you warm in the outdoors. You won’t have to wear these all day long, only when you’re hiking out in the cold, wet forest. You’ll be glad you packed them when you’re able to enjoy a hike rather than dreading being out in the cold.

Light Pants or Shorts

During warmer weather, it can get quite hot in Alaska. For spending time outdoors during the day, a light pair of shorts is perfect. If you want protection from the bugs, a pair of light pants will work too. We recommend you stay away from jeans as they can feel heavy and confining while hiking, especially if they get wet. 

Hiking Shoes

While you may think boots are the way to go when hiking around Alaska, hiking shoes are a much better option. They keep your feet warm and steady while walking over rugged terrain, but aren’t heavy or bulky like boots.


A backpack is a must if you plan on spending hours outdoors hiking trails, fishing, or sightseeing. It’s an easy way to keep supplies ready, such as water bottles, food and snacks, first aid kits, and more. 

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