5 Essential Features to Consider When Renting an RV in Anchorage

Are you planning an RV adventure in the Anchorage area? If so, you may want to consider the various features and benefits that come with different types of campers. From the class of RV you rent to the amount of storage space, Amazing Accommodations Alaska recommends taking the following features into consideration when renting an RV.

5 Essential Features You'll Want When Renting an RV in Anchorage

1. Type of RV

When renting an RV for your Anchorage trip, you’ll definitely want to rent the type of RV that fits your lifestyle and driving needs. There are RVs that can be towed like travel trailers and RVs that can be driven like motorhomes. If this is your first time renting an RV, you may want to start with the smallest and easiest one to drive that best fits your group.

2. Number of Beds

Another feature you’ll want to consider is how many beds you’ll need in the RV. If there are only two of you, a camper van would be a great option, especially if you’re looking for a more rustic adventure. If you are camping with your family, you’ll definitely want to rent a larger RV. Our Class C motorhomes fit up to five people with an overhead queen bed, a regular queen bed, and a dinette bed.

3. Bathroom

Many people really appreciate having a bathroom in their RV. Not only is it convenient, but it also allows you to camp wherever you’d like without worrying about having a bathroom nearby. Our camper vans don’t have a bathroom, so if you like rustic camping, these are a great choice. However, our motorhomes do have bathrooms that are complete with a toilet, sink, and shower.

4. Kitchen Amenities

Most RVs come with several kitchen amenities that make it easy to cook, eat, and clean up after meals. Some campers come with full-size appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves. Some only come with a mini-fridge and a propane stove top. 

5. Storage Space

Storage space is pretty important any time you’re camping. There are many items you need to bring along on any type of camping trip. Lawn chairs, small grills, charcoal, citronella candles, and of course, your own personal items, all need to be stored and easily available while camping.

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