5 Advantages of Renting an RV from Amazing Accommodations

If you’re looking to rent an RV from Amazing Accommodations Alaska, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our affordable rates and our many additional benefits. Our RV rentals include benefits such as rental insurance, non-smoking rentals, travel to Canada, and so much more. Keep reading to learn more about the amazing advantages you’ll experience from Amazing Accommodations. 

5 Advantages of Renting an RV from Amazing Accommodations

1. Rental Insurance Included

While other RV rental companies require you to purchase your own rental insurance, this is automatically included in our rates. No need to worry about expensive repairs if you end up in a fender bender or the RV is accidentally damaged during your vacation.

2. Full Tanks of Fuel & Propane

Our RVs and camper van rentals begin with a full tank of gasoline and a full tank of propane. Start your vacation all ready to go. No need to stop at the gas station to fill up before you begin your adventure.

3. All Rentals Are Non-Smoking

One of the best benefits of renting from Amazing Accommodations is our non-smoking policy. All of our motorhomes and RVs are non-smoking, which keeps them clean and allergy-free for our customers with respiratory or asthma issues.

4. Travel to Canada

If you wish to visit our “neighbor to the south”, you can! We do allow travel into Canada while renting our well-maintained RV rentals. However, you must possess the correct documentation in order to be admitted within the country. 

5. Free Shuttle Service

We offer free shuttle service for up to six people, including their luggage, during our regular business hours, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We will pick you up from hotels, B&Bs, and hostels, as well as the Anchorage Airport. 

Make Plans for Your RV Vacation Today

Whether you’re visiting Wasilla or any of the nearby areas, you’ll experience an incredible vacation with the RV rentals from Amazing Accommodations. Contact us today at (907) 631-0470 to make your reservation today for our first-class RVs, camper vans, and motorhome rentals.

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