3 Tips for Experiencing a Memorable RV Vacation in Alaska

Alaska is a magnificent state, full of gorgeous rivers, beautiful lakes, pristine mountains, and a variety of stunning wildlife. When traveling Alaska for the first time via motorhome or RV, visitors will find it breathtaking, but also a bit overwhelming to navigate. As a family-owned business located near Anchorage, Amazing Accommodations Alaska is happy to offer the following tips for experiencing an exceptional and memorable RV vacation in Alaska.

3 Tips for Experiencing a Memorable RV Vacation in Alaska

1. Know the Roads

Alaskan highways have their own set of features that are helpful to know when traveling across the rugged terrain. Each highway has its own designated number, as well as its own accompanying name. For example, the AK-4 highway is known as the Richardson Highway, and the AK-8 is referred to as the Denali Highway. When you need to ask for directions, refer to each road by their name rather than their route number.

2. Plan Your Route

Planning your driving schedule will place you in the best position possible for a fun and problem-free excursion. Gas stations are not as readily available as they are in other parts of the US or Canada. When scheduling the route to and from your destinations, make note of where and when you’ll stop to fill your gas tank. Plan on getting about 200 miles per full tank of gas. Be sure to fill up before you reach this point.

3. Find RV Campgrounds

Our staff is happy to help you plan your next RV vacation in Alaska. We can give you recommendations on the best campgrounds, based on your specific requests. Simply call our office before you arrive for our suggestions. If you prefer to be more spontaneous, take advantage of Alaska’s camping freedom. This state is one of the only places in the world where you can legally pull over anywhere and camp for the night.

Choose the professional and friendly team at Amazing Accommodations Alaska for your next RV vacation in Alaska. Contact us today at (907) 631-0470 to reserve an RV rental, camper van, or motorhome. If you are flying into Anchorage for your vacation, we offer free shuttle service to and from the Anchorage airport.

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