3 Must-Visit Nature Trails Near Anchorage

Trails in Chugach State ParkIt’s undeniable that Alaska is one of the most breathtaking travel destinations in the United States for its native wildlife, dramatic mountain settings, and glacial rivers. At Amazing Accommodations Alaska, we often let our customers know of our top picks for the best places to travel as you’re driving your RV rental across Anchorage and beyond.

Here are some of the favorites among travelers for the nature trails and parks that are a must-see during your visit:

1) Chugach State Park

Located east of downtown Anchorage, Chugach State Park contains a huge variety of nature trails that include the viewing of scenic ocean shorelines, massive glaciers, and ice fields. Three main campgrounds are located within the 495,000-acre park, providing fun outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and whitewater rafting. Some campsites even have the option for parking one of our camper vans.

2) Eagle River Nature Center

As a gateway to Chugach State Park, Eagle River Nature Center is a 40-minute drive from Anchorage. During a walk on its nature trails, you can take in the wonder of plunging waterfalls and 3,000-foot cliffs. If you’re going with your family, the 1-mile Rodak Nature Loop in the area is very kid-friendly, as walkers and strollers are permitted on the trail.

3) Kincaid Park

If you have a love of hiking, then Kincaid Park may be the place you end up during your vacation. Known for its trail systems, this park has the best wildlife opportunities for moose viewing since it has Anchorage’s largest population of moose. Along with renting an RV for your trip, you may find renting a bike to be convenient for a day trip to Kincaid Park where you can ride for miles and miles on its singletrack bike trails.

Helping You Get around Anchorage

Our team here at Amazing Accommodations is always ready to assist you with any questions you have about travel near Anchorage. With every RV rental, we include the helpful travel guide The Milepost so you can get the latest tips for destinations in Alaska. To discuss renting an RV for your next Anchorage vacation, call Amazing Accommodations at (907) 631-0470, or request a reservation online.

For more information about the park and trail conditions in Anchorage, please visit www.alaska.org.

Photo credit: watts_photos salmon fishing – Chugach National Park Bird Creek Alaska via photopin (license)

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