Current Specials

At Amazing Accommodations Alaska, we’re committed to providing the best RV rental deals available. We know how expensive it can be to reach Alaska, so why spend more than necessary on transportation once you arrive? Check out the specials below to see how we work to keep your vacation within budget.

New at Amazing Accommodations Alaska: We’re now offering a one-way special from Las Vegas to Alaska for motorhome rentals. Contact us at (907) 631-0470 for more details on our RV rentals or request a reservation online for your adventure now!

Cheap RV Rentals

Drive a new 24-foot motorhome from Las Vegas to Alaska with no one-way fee.

  • Kitchen and bedding package included.
  • For international customers, the Collision Damage Waiver ($12/day) is mandatory. For US customers, it’s available as an option.
  • 4,000 miles included. Additional mileage will be charged at $0.49 per mile.
  • This special is only available for northbound travel in May 2016.
  • Extended rental days are possible at the regular rate.
  • Special depends on availability.
Affordable RV Rentals

Take advantage of our early bird special when you rent a motorhome or camper van.

  • 20% off for all motorhomes and camper vans.
  • 10-night rental minimum.
  • Unlimited mileage included.
  • Free shuttle service included.
  • Special depends on availability.
  • Valid until January 31, 2016.